About me

Dr. Klaus Büllesfeld

Dr. Klaus Büllesfeld, Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1967.

What drives me...

I follow a deep inner urge. For me, photography is a journey, a journey with and towards other people, a journey to observe this world more consciously.

Photography changes my awareness – my consciousness. Being aware of this change causes a desire for more…more photography – more awareness.


  • 03/2015 - Momente, Rathausgalerie, Brühl
  • 03/2016 - Frauenbilder, im Rahmen der Brühler Frauenwoche, Rathausgalerie, Brühl
  • 05/2017 - Fragments make a picture, Galerie p77A, Brühl
  • 09/2017 - Niu Niu, Galerie p77A, Brühl
  • 10/2017 - Psalmen, anlässlich des Reformationsjahres, Galerie am Schloss, Brühl
  • 03/2018 - Psalmen, anlässlich des Reformationsjahres, Christuskirche, Brühl
  • 01/2018 - SchwarzWeiß, Rathausgalerie, Brühl
  • 05/2019 - Europa einen Namen geben, MagaretaS, Brühl
  • 05/2019 - Welt Wasser Woche, InterCultra, Brühl
  • canceled 03/2020 - fünf Jahre | Das Leben Woanders, Spiekeroog - postponed to whenever possible again.
  • Active in non profit associations


    ...as chairman of the FAB (Fotografische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Brühl e.V.), an association of amateur photographers. It is affiliated with the German Association for Photography (DVF) and exists for over 40 years by now. The members of the FAB share their passion for photography, which they live out in a variety of joint activities.


    ....as vice chairman of the Foto-Historie e.V., a society that researches and mediates in the field of photography history, dedicating itself primarily to the biographies of living and deceased photographers by exploring existing research results, questioning them and, if possible, closing any existing research gaps and displaying the information to the public.

    Foto-Historie runs FotografenWiki, a free, non-commercial platform that aims to collect information about photographers and at the same time make it available to the public.

    Close collaboration

    Sharing parts of my photographic journey with samaralx since 2015.


    ...feel free to ask...